Agriculture is an important part of life. Clothing, food, fuel, housing, medicine and more are rooted in agriculture. Agricultural issues can support the teaching of many academic disciplines. Recognizing this, educators across the country and Alabama are effectively integrating agriculture into the classroom curriculum.

The outstanding teacher award will be given to an educator currently engaged in classroom instruction at the pre-Kindergarten through 12 grade levels in the state of Alabama. This award will recognize educators for their creative efforts in teaching students about the importance of agriculture. 

The teacher selected will receive a $500 cash award and receive a trip to the National AITC conference. The teacher will also be responsible for submitting an application for the national award program “Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture.” 

An award of $250 will be given to the runner up.

Both teachers need to be available to attend the AITC Summer Institute, where they will be honored. They must also be available to make a presentation at the Summer Institute. 

Full-time Alabama teachers currently engaged in integrating agricultural concepts into non-agriscience education classroom settings at the pre-K to 12th grade levels. The individual must also have attended the annual Alabama Ag in the Classroom Summer Institute. The individual must be a full time classroom teacher for the next two years. 

Any classroom material submitted becomes property of Alabama Ag in the Classroom. 

Please fill out the following form and mail it to the address below by March 1, 2019

Kim Earwood
Alabama Ag in the Classroom
PO Box 11000
Montgomery, AL 36191
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1. Attach a summary description (no more than 250 words) of the project being submitted (.doc, .txt, or .pdf):
2. Provide a narrative response to the following three items(a,b, & c) listed below:

The narrative portion is limited to two pages for each item. Each response must typed using 12 point font
and double spaced. Margins must be at least 1 inch and the entire narrative response should be no more than six pages.
  1. Describe the unique and innovative approaches to advancing agricultural literacy in the classroom.
  2. Identify the teaching methods employed (i.e.; experimental, case study, etc.). Specify agricultural concepts taught and which academic
    areas of study were utilized. What was the depth and duration of the activity? Explain how these learning experiences helped advance
    State education standards?
  3. Explain how these activities helped students better understand the impact Alabama's agriculture has had on personal lives, our
    state heritage, the environment, the state's security, and the economy.
3. The following supporting documentation must be included:
  1. Endorsement by an Administrator: A letter (signed and dated by a school administrator) that substantiates the degree to which the
    nominee excels in and is dedicated to the teaching profession.
  2. Endorsement by a Co-worker: A letter (signed and dated by a school administrator) that substantiates the degree to which the
    nominee excels in and is dedicated to the teaching profession.
4. Supplemental Information:
  1. Any additional information deemed essential for the application, such as additional letters of support, additional awards/recognition,
    etc., may be included in an Appendix. The Appendix should
    not be used to explain the two page limitation of the narrative sections.
  2. Color photographs or other graphics that demonstrates nominee's agriculture in the classroom activities.
Enter Your Full Legal Name As Your Signature:*


All applications will be evaluated by a panel of judges familiar with agriculture, education and Alabama Agriculture in the Classroom.

Evaluation Criteria:
  1. Creativity and Use of Agricultural Information: How agricultural concepts have been introduced into the classroom curriculum, making reference to creative methods used to advance student learning. 25 points
  2. Interdisciplinary Approach: How agricultural concepts have been included in a variety of subjects and disciplines. Value will be placed on the approach that teaches about agriculture across the curriculum. 25 points
  3. Advancement of Educational Standards: How the teacher aligns agricultural learning activities with State established education standards. 25 points
  4. Student Impact: Evidence of teacher's impact on students' attitudes and overall learning of agriculture. 25 points

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS (items to be sent to Alabama AITC*)

  1. Completed application outline
  2. Description of the project being submitted
  3. Answers to the three narrative questions
  4. A signed and dated letter of endorsement from the administrator and a co-worker
  5. Any supplemental information to be included in an Appendix